Blue smoke coming engine don't panic, excavator accessories factory three line fault tutor you!

by:HMB     2021-01-19

in order to make your boss on the engine lubrication system is the most advanced knowledge, can clear failure occurs at the same time the cause and the solution of the excavator accessories manufacturer which specially selected excavator & lsquo; Lover & rsquo; Cummins engine as an example for everyone to do an introduction. Excessive foreign matter in lack of engine oil, engine oil, oil dirty, bad lubrication can cause excavator attachments wear and tear, so appear blue smoke coming excavator, the exhaust waste gas, serious when holding shaft and cylinder such failure is not strange!

oil pump

excavator accessories main components of the oil pump, play a crucial role in the engine lubrication system, oil pressure is supplied by oil pump. In order to cummins QSB6. 7 engine as an example, the idle minimum oil pressure is 69 kpa, minimum oil pressure rated speed 207 kpa, oil control valve opening pressure range is 448 - 517 kpa

malfunction with the

oil pump failure, the main phenomenon is, first and foremost, low oil pressure alarm dashboard, or insufficient oil alarm. ( Icon is displayed below)


when low oil pressure, oil shortage alarm will have to stop inspection with oil pump, engine oil quantity cannot be ignored to continue construction of avoid by all means, causing unnecessary loss.

excavator accessories manufacturers, small make up is introduced here, but the one is you must have some knowledge of the oil lubrication system, but the oil lubrication system is how to work? What is the process? Don't worry! Brick home slowly explanation for everybody!

the oil system flow

oil choose

the importance of the stand or fall of oil for the engine lubrication system is self-evident, excavator accessories manufacturers also again remind everyone here, be sure to choose high oil type of CI, 15 w - you can use in summer 40 oil, but especially in the northeast winter in the northern region, the label must be used to correct the oil such as 5 w - Or 5 w - 30 50.

of course, the oil must use big brand, normal excavator accessories manufacturers, quality and after-sales can be guaranteed, but also can ensure the engine is in a state of young always!

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