Basic knowledge of the excavator bearings

by:HMB     2021-01-22

1。 Excavator is the economy of large fixed assets investment, in order to improve its service life, and gain greater economic benefits, excavators must set bearing equipment, set up machine, set the position, a clear responsibility. When you have to adjust the position, you should perform equipment.

2。 When excavator into the construction site, should first observe the working face geology and environment, within the scope of the excavators bearing rotating radius can not have obstacles, lest cause scratch or damage to the vehicle.

3。 Mechanical work, it is forbidden for any staff standing in barrels, shoveling arm and orbit, to ensure safety in production.

4。 Excavator bearings at work, it is strictly prohibited any personnel working in rotating radius or bucket stay or walk, the driver must not enter the cab touch, lest damage electrical equipment.

5。 Mobile excavator, the driver should be observed and the trumpet, then the mobile location, avoid mechanical side cause safety accident, after the mobile location ensure excavator bearing rotating radius without any obstacles, it is prohibited to illegally operating.

6。 At the end of the work, the excavator from depression or trough edge removed and parked in the flat on the floor, close the doors and Windows, lock.

7。 Drivers must to do a good job of daily maintenance, repair, maintenance equipment, complete equipment use daily record, found that the vehicle has a problem, not to work, in spite of timely maintenance report.

8。 The car must be clean and neat, keep the excavator bearing surface clean, no dust, no oil; After work, get into the habit of clean vehicles.

9。 The driver should do the daily record in time, every day do a good job of statistical work, on the odd jobs or zero program outside of the project, and the use of excavators bearing recorded.

10。 During the work, the driver have been banned in the middle of the drinking and driving, if found, the economic loss shall be borne by the economic losses themselves.

11。 Analyzing the human vehicle damage, reason, found the problem, distinguish responsibility, according to the responsibility of the financial penalties.

12。 Establish a high sense of responsibility, to ensure safety in production, do a good job in communication and service improve bilateral relations, establish a good working attitude, for the development of enterprise and dedication.

13。 Excavator bearing is a kind of special operation, need special permission to drive the excavator operation.

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