Avoid running deviation

by:HMB     2021-01-25
Walking running deviation, may have the following several reasons, hydraulic pump failure: usually excavator are adopting double pump, walking wandering is often a pump failure, the most simple judgment method is: will the two high pressure of the hydraulic pump switch flowline, if the original slow faster, the original fast slow, proof of a pump failure. Excluded methods: hydraulic pump, replacement of damaged parts, and then to test bench debugging. Walking motor oil relief valve, safety valve leakage will cause the pressure inside the system is too low, the speed of the driving motor is insufficient, thus running deviation in walking. Elimination method is: the replacement of damaged walking motor valve; Judgment when walking around the motor can be security exchange, whether walking backward. Mining machine running deviation to one side: if walking in the main valve spring softening or broken, or stuck valve core, are likely to cause the oil pressure is reduced, wandering in walking. Check when walking to measure the main valve oil pressure, normal value is 32. 5mpa。 If the main valve damage, to be replaced or repaired. Through the above analysis, we can see that 80% of the excavator failure is caused by the maintenance time improper operation, shall do a good job in excavator maintenance operator at the same time improve the technical level, reduce the occurrence of failure, ensure the smooth operation of the project construction.
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