Avoid excavator bearings pollution treatment

by:HMB     2021-01-22

a. Particle pollution

excavator bearing performance is very polluted by tiny particles. So it is important to avoid dust exposed in the environment.

lubricating oil is used to prevent pollutants from entering the bearing inside. But the gap between bearing so vulnerable to particulate matter pollution should pay attention to the following:

1. Keep your excavator bearings processing room as clean as possible.

2。 Don't remove the bearing from packaging to before use.

3。 If you use a container mobile excavator bearings, to ensure that the container is clean, the cover should be cleaned every day.

4。 Don't use excessive saturated cleaner. Fluid may leak to the bearing itself, carry dust.

5。 When an excavator lubricating bearing outer, carefully to ensure that the lubricant is not contaminated. You may inadvertently pollution transfer to the bearings.

6。 Never use coating, for example, could leave small fiber particles.

7。 Do not operate in the exposed to the air from the outside. Air pollutants including dust, dirt and moisture can cause damage to excavator bearings.

2. Rust pollution

1. Because the bearing is metal products, they are easy to rust, so I need some preventive measures:

2. Processing excavator bearings, the use of the cap, tweezers, or gloves, finger does not generate the cotton fiber.

3。 When using unprotected fingers processing bearing, first of all to ensure they didn't clean the sweat and dust. Application of mineral oil bearing contact. Do not use hand cream, because it may cause rust.

4。 If the shaft surface is dirty, rust may be gathered in between shaft and bearing excavator.

5。 It is important to ensure that the shaft to avoid contact with fingerprints, sweat, dust and dirt.

6。 Avoid storage space near the bearing and direct sunlight.

7。 Stored in a proper ventilation environment.

3, external force factors

excavator bearings is very vulnerable. To avoid collision in the process of moving, such as the fall.

4: the use of the bearing environment

excavator bearings use environment to a great extent, determines their lifespan. Chlorine, ozone and other chemicals can shorten the life of the bearing, oil pollution relatively quickly.

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