Autumn excavator maintenance of 'six big mistake'! — Excavator parts

by:HMB     2021-01-15

near the autumn, the weather has cooled the day to day, excavator maintenance is around the corner, even if the old driver may also enter maintenance error, excavator parts six tips to get you away from maintenance error!

a so, autumn air conditioning need maintenance

because autumn the weather is dry, plus summer high frequency to use air conditioning, some dirt, dust, bacteria will breeding and deposition in excavator accessories line. If it is not clear in time, lead to air conditioning refrigeration effect is poor, the problems such as insufficient air volume supplied, and even air conditioning system failure will occur.

at the same time, a good driving indoor air quality mainly depends on the excavator accessories air-conditioning filter, so often to his clean and replaced periodically.

2, the day is cold, tire pressure to adjust

summer heat, in order to prevent the tire pressure is too high trigger a flat tire, tire pressure will be put off. Cool autumn, should also corresponding supplementary tire pressure.

summer lower tire pressure, tire pressure to fall high

at the same time, if it is found that the excavator attachments surface tyre wear serious, should also be timely replacement tires.

three, battery maintenance

alternate summer, if found to have green oxide electrode connection is, must be careful, because it can cause generator is insufficient, make the battery in a state of loss of electricity, serious can cause the early scrapping of the battery, or out of the car.

winter vehicle power consumption is larger, more than twenty-five percent of battery discharge when excavator attachments should timely when charging, otherwise it will seriously shorten battery life.

at the same time, to check whether the electrolytic liquid level is in the specified location, if the lack of need to add supplementary liquid battery in time to guarantee the normal work of the battery.

4, use soft objects in body clean

body do not use hard brush or dirty rags, lest the varnish layer deep cleft, external excavator parts plastic parts appeared blotch. Visor and other plastic parts can only use neutral soap and water to clean.

the car clean can use a soft brush to clean the dirt on the seat and fabric components, can also be used for more in-depth clean dry foam and solvent.

regularly clean the windshield, remove grease and dirt, dust and tar, so that the service life of the wiper will be longer!

5, replace the antifreeze

some card friends added or add antifreeze in the summer, like water instead of antifreeze, this kind of practice on the surface and there is no problem, but once encountered temperature drop, is likely to affect the normal work of the automobile cooling system may even freeze.

enter the autumn, excavator parts remind you should check the oil of the engine compartment, brake fluid and antifreeze, whether the oil is enough, whether the metamorphic, whether to change cycle.

6, according to the factory replace the correct label oil

oil called engine & other; Blood throughout the &; It serves to show its importance. General oil duty summer can be general; And ordinary oil to oil for winter and summer oil, should be timely replacement. Excavator accessories used engine oil is not the more expensive the better, should be strictly in accordance with their models of the car manual on request, and for the brand cars.

the maintenance work is not complicated, excavator parts recommended daily more attention, timely maintenance, believe you & other; Love machine & throughout; Will not be ill-treated in you!

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