Autumn and winter driving excavator matters needing attention

by:HMB     2021-01-24
The weather is cold, for the driver, must pay attention to wear something warm, prepared for the driver, so excavators? Today we will learn together qiu dong season excavator matters which should be paid attention to in advance knowledge reserves. CTP caterpillar excavator engine parts a, the weather is dry, how to fire 1. Excavators in transportation, should avoid contact with wire walking, mining, or will cause serious casualty accidents. 2. Excavator electric appliance and wiring to regularly check, found damaged, damage, aging, must change in time, to prevent electrical short circuit, caused the fire. 3. To keep clean and firmly fixed wire connectors, every day to check whether the wire is loose or damaged, to tighten the loose joint or wire clamping, rest or damaged wires. 3. Excavator internal flammable items shall be loaded into, fight fire. 4. Come on, you have to stop the engine, away from the fire source, fuel and could not leave the machine. 5. Come on when can't let oil overflow to the surface of the overheating or part of the electric system. 6. After add good oil, erasing spilled fuel or oil, fuel oil and machine to tighten the cap. 7. Keep clear of in time accumulation or stick in the engine, the exhaust pipe, muffler, and within the engine bay leaves, wood, paper and other combustible materials. 8. May be placed within the machine oiled rags, avoid spontaneous fire and burn. 9. Users should be configured on the machine a fire extinguisher, put on a walk-in. 10. When welding was carried out on the machine, it is strictly prohibited in the wrong hydraulic oil line and segregate to the fuel line. 11. To prevent fires caused by hydraulic line, check all the hose and pipe card hoop, shield and cushion is firmly fixed in place, such as loose, vibrate and with other components in the process of operation, friction. Lead to the hose is damaged, high pressure oil, fire damage or injuries. 12. Battery to stay away from fire, avoid high temperature, otherwise it will explode. 13. With seal cab excavator, to check the partition in the middle of the sealing, prevent the engine exhaust gas from entering the cab driver poisoning. 14. It is strictly prohibited in poorly ventilated area operations, in case the driver suffocation. 15. In the event of a fire, don't use water to put out, the powder fire extinguishers should be used or pressure with sand will fire, can also use mulch or tarpaulin cover the fire. CTP caterpillar excavator, diesel engine parts how to use a key on the winter construction excavator should start with a bottle of liquid, fuel can choose according to the temperature, the current excavator mostly use diesel engines, small make up also collected some information for your reference. Dividing diesel label is based on the freezing point of diesel, the current domestic application of light diesel oil according to the freezing point is divided into seven label: 10 # diesel: suitable for preheating equipment of high speed diesel engine using 5 # diesel: suitable for the temperature used in 8 ℃ above 0 # diesel oil, apply to the temperature in use - 8 ℃ to 4 ℃ 10 # diesel: suitable for the temperature in 4 ℃ to - Use - 5 ℃ 20 # diesel: suitable for the temperature in - 5 ℃ to - Use - 14 ℃ 35 # diesel: suitable for the temperature in - 14 ℃ to - Use - 29 ℃ 50 # diesel: suitable for the temperature in - 29 ℃ to - 44 ℃ or below the temperature when use suggest that we pay more attention to the weather forecast, according to the appropriate temperature to select different grade of fuel. CTP caterpillar excavator engine accessories three, excavators can not start? Winter excavator start there are many reasons, eliminate machine for the cause of the problem, there are a few common questions: 1. 2 battery kui electricity. Revolution is not high. 3. Water is frozen on the way we deal with these problems, first from the battery principle, simple to understand is the sulfate ion in the battery after collisions produce electricity and water molecules. Winter low temperature, sulfate ions and water molecules gap is big, have also become slow movement speed, is the lack of battery power. Winter also is very important for battery maintenance, sometimes can be found, even before coming off work will be off the total power switch, the next day the battery capacity is insufficient, the safest way is to remove the battery after work, stored in a cool, dry place. Black also often encountered this problem before, so the day before the battery break down on driving indoor, unsafe, but everyone knows that it is not recommended. CTP caterpillar excavator attachments engine speed is not high, mainly is no preheat preheat fully usually divided into air preheating and electro-thermal plug heating combustion chamber preheating, two methods of ordinary engine air preheating, we can find old excavator without preheating function before, often need to spray liquid start to help preheating, but now a lot of new have this function, usually in the cab start switch. Before starting the when excavator, preheating 5 - in general 10 minutes, then start the excavator. CTP caterpillar excavator preheater efi engine parts of diesel engine cooling water freeze is better solved, before freeze water can avoid this problem.
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