At caterpillar excavator engine belt breaking what effect

by:HMB     2021-01-26
The car has two different functions of belt, timing belt belt and accessories. Timing belt connected to the crankshaft and camshaft, main function is responsible for the inlet and exhaust door opening and closing time, the valve will not run into the piston. Attachment belt connected to the generator, air conditioning compressor, booster pump and other equipment, to these devices provide through the rotation of the crankshaft rotation. Two kinds of belt is rubber, have certain life, the replacement cycle will need to be replaced. If there is no change in time belt, high speed when the belt is broken what consequence can you have? Say first timing belt, once it is broken, so the relative position of the piston and the valve is not accurate, the two will produce collisions, both. Originally the top of the piston in the cylinder valve should be closed, so that the piston at any time not contact with the valve. If there is no the belt of the constraints, the crankshaft and camshaft rotating, there will always be the valve opens, the piston movement just got to the top, this will impact both together, the valve will be bent, the piston will be injured, even connected to the piston connecting rod bending. Replace the valve and piston need all the engine break down, process is more, so partners are very expensive, plus accessories cost, maintenance cost is very high. Besides belt in the attachment, once it is broken, did not cause other parts damaged, only the parts of which it is connected all won't work. One of the biggest influence is a booster pump, booster pump work will not let us play the fixed direction. We beat direction were lighter is a booster pump, all without booster pump, the direction will become very heavy and strength big, also can move to little small lady may also dozen don't move. If is speeding at this time, suddenly lost its steering, also lost to flexibility, strength small just couldn't turn to the driver. In the absence of steering, emergency escape basic cannot be done, because the direction is too heavy. If not an emergency, don't panic, open the danger alarm lamp, brake while playing method slowly pull over. If the driver's strength, even if can move direction, also not to continue driving, because the generator is not electricity, using battery power. Once the battery power consumption and couldn't run again, and will damage the battery. If the attachment belt connected to the water pump, continue driving can also lead to water temperature to rise. So no matter which belt is broken, can only pull over call help. Many cars now have replaced timing belt in the chain, this wouldn't have to worry about the problem of fault, if not change, the chain will not break, but will be stretched to produce sound. Attachment belt are all rubber, usually 3 - life Six years, mileage - 6 100000 kilometers, according to the transport environment load when peace, life will vary widely. If the car often full, or to pull cargo, or more fierce, driving belt on the force would be bigger, relative to break some life. Attachment belt can determine its aging degree, by checking if the crack is more has to be replaced, no crack and wear is small, can continue to use. So after a longer fixed number of year of the vehicle mileage is more, don't ignore the inspection and replacement of the belt.
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