At 8 o 'clock the excavator spare parts and maintenance, you get here?

by:HMB     2021-01-19
Excavator accessories maintenance purposes, is to extend the service life, prevent accident damage. So the maintenance work must be through the daily production work, become an important part of production. General excavator maintenance, including three specific contents: inspection, cleaning, lubrication. Next we teach everyone excavator spare parts and maintenance of eight little operational details, together and see it!

excavator maintenance content: 1. When excavator stalling, carefully check each anchor bolt, bearing bushing with or without a screw loose by gear meshing and lubrication condition and bearing, power plant, control system, the brake, reducer, segments, basic parts, cable, wire rope, excavator bucket teeth and other accessories parts with or without abnormal wear and tear. 2. During operation, attention should be paid to the motor running condition, a mechanical transmission and braking system, control system, cooling fan, lighting and the presence of abnormal phenomenon such as signal, all kinds of problems in the inspection to be found in time, handle in time.

3。 The mechanical and electrical parts and different parts of excavator are often kept clean, prevent dust and foreign body inside. 4. Regularly clean and wipe, not only for early detection by fault is good, and can improve the driver operation conditions, prolong the service life of the machine. 5. Good lubrication can reduce mechanical wear and failure of the operation, lubrication work must be in strict accordance with the excavator the time limit stipulated in the specification, type of oil, lubricating oil. 6. Keep the lubricating oil should be paid attention to when filling road clean, prevent the dust and impurities mixed with.

7。 Always check the lubrication system of excavator attachments, if there is damage to the plug. Ensure smooth oil. 8. For new installations of excavator, before the related ministries must be filled with oil, and will do flight check the lubrication situation there in the first week at work; The excavator shutdown for a long time, must do all of the old dry oil before use. More than eight excavator spare parts and maintenance, you get here?

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