Asia's larger construction machinery used equipment fair grand opening

by:HMB     2021-01-16

2018 Asia's first international construction machinery used equipment trading convention on May 18th international opening in changsha. The deal by the changsha government, provinces and cities by the letter guidance, 2019 China ( Changsha) International construction machinery exhibition organizing committee, we obtain the zoomlion, sany heavy industry, sunvo intelligent, star heavy, easy to bond auctions, China construction machinery business network industries such as manufacturers, association and platform support. Trading conference attended a total of more than 200 second-hand engineering machinery equipment, covering concrete machinery, lifting machinery, pile driving machinery, earth moving machinery of several major categories, trade conference area 30000 m&sup 2; , 3 auctions and 5 games fair, professional audience is expected to more than people, Asia is the construction machinery used equipment is a big trade meeting.

in combination with regional resources advantage innovation industry trading models

the CCTV 'excerpt' authority to release: in the first quarter of 2018 engineering machinery sales rose by more than thirty percent, the domestic construction of infrastructure, policy support, all the way from the needs of the updates will continue to pull the engineering machinery sales continue to grow.

in changsha, hunan province as the engineering machinery, engineering machinery and accessories industry output value of more than 200 billion yuan, accounting for twenty-three percent of output, China construction machinery industry is the main export of Chinese engineering machinery and equipment, changsha construction machinery industry after the scale of engineering machinery market including used trading provides a huge market space.

(according to the organizing committee executive secretary-general Zhang Biao Second-hand equipment trade conference, head of the total project) “ At present domestic second-hand engineering machinery market started relatively late, the market overall development is not mature and is not standard, single business model, lack of professional market to guide and improve the trading system. The changsha hold super-large professional trading conference opened the industry precedent, innovation engineering machinery trading patterns, building of changsha urban business card of engineering machinery, increase market after the industry value, help clients to achieve procurement. 2019 changsha international construction machinery exhibition organizing committee will do real and stronger, changsha, China construction machinery of reputation, and changsha urban business card of internationalization, full build benign ecological development for all engineering machinery industry chain to provide excellent platform and service & throughout; 。

the deal assembly site of more than 200 second-hand equipment, the market value of nearly 300 million yuan, the transaction amount is worth looking forward to, to changsha fair customers from all over the country, which involved in the deal concrete pump license plate from Inner Mongolia to guangdong, covering all kinds of concrete equipment, organized by the organizing committee has invited the professional visitors and buyers at home and abroad gathered in changsha transactions, linkage, online trading + auction model, has caused great sensation in the industry. Fair market after the Internet + engineering machinery industry, will implement the industry trade size is bigger, has a wide influence, the new model of sustainable development of construction machinery industry.

professional second-hand equipment appraiser, trading site service

fair field to provide professional second-hand equipment appraiser, trading division to provide professional advice, help customers to understand the status of the real equipment, to provide professional consulting services and dealmakers, ensure that customers buy at ease.

the site commissioning + trading experience mode

organizers will provide on-site technical guarantee to help customers of commissioning, to assist businesses to customers timely and safe delivery of the equipment. Fair take online ordering, offline trading and auction trading in the form, and provide financial support services. Make sure that customers purchase.

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