Arm sound recovery slow excavator parts is big, what reason?

by:HMB     2021-01-18
Excavators in construction work, what kind of damage of fault and excavator accessories, excavator accessories manufacturers today simple analysis excavator arm can sound recovery slow problem. Excavator arm without strength, in fact, most is a fault in the hydraulic system. When the big arm, forearm and so on all the work device of the hydraulic work is unable to slow, that means failure independent oil or the oil return part; If only the big arm lifting slowly, other are working properly, that is big arm branch own problem. In use process, should often pay attention to the excavator maintenance and overhaul. Can look to find fault point, fault diagnosis of the drivers, will check from the appearance, if it is found that the main lines have obvious external leakage oil stains, shows that large arm lifting slowly problems associated with it. This time need along the oil stains carefully to find out the specific reason for the oil spill, timely removal of fault point. The Angle between the excavator arm can use auxiliary connecting rod or hydraulic cylinder to adjust, although structure operation complication may at any time during the excavator operations significant adjustments to the Angle between the upper and lower movable arm, so as to improve the operation performance of excavator, especially with a backhoe or grab dig narrow and deep foundation pit, easy to get a larger distance vertically excavating trajectory, improve the mining quality and productivity. Excavator arm off the cause of the problem, and in detail: 1, excavator parts large arm against the float valve were abnormal wear and tear, Suggestions for inspection of valve core and valve. 2, orifice obstruction, clean the valve core and the orifice. 3, lower oil cylinder leaks or drivers distributing valve valve orifice obstruction, distributing valve valve core wear, distributing valve valve core clearance is too large, the distribution of the main relief valve wear any possible damage. 4, the big arm oil return valve failure. 5, the forearm safety relief valve oil seal was broken. 6, excavator attachments damage of oil cylinder oil seal. 7, leak valve group, are in need of major repair valve group. 8, hydraulic proportional electromagnetic valve connectors, the phenomenon of the poor contact. Excavator arm fault of common processing method: 1, when the job after arm off phenomenon, can appear in the first movable arm pressure down and watch the movable arm will soon fall. 2, if falling fast, replace the movable arm oil seal is recommended. 3, if change the oil seal, fault is still need to check the moving arm oil return valve. 4, check the pump valve set pressure value drivers. A good above is excavator attachments failure of some of the big arm solving skills, hope I can help to you.

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