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Are the preparations before the hydraulic breaker installed?

Are the preparations before the hydraulic breaker installed?


    If there are impurities and dirt in the breaker pipeline, these impurities and dirt will enter the breaker. Once the impurities enter the breaker, it will quickly damage the breaker piston and reversing valve, greatly shortening it. The service life of the hydraulic breaker is improved, so we have to make several preparations before installing the breaker!

1.First clean up the impurities

   After the hydraulic breaker pipeline is installed, first close the breaker pipeline stop valve on both sides of the forearm! Then let the operator start the excavator, set the throttle to the mid-range position, step on the foot switch of the breaker in the cab, release the foot valve every 1 minute, and then step on the foot valve for another minute, intermittently stepping on the foot valve After 3~5 minutes, turn off the fire! At this time, use a wrench to slowly open the oil inlet shut-off valve of the forearm. Note that it is best to stand behind the shut-off valve when opening to prevent high-pressure oil from splashing on the body. After opening, there will be a lot of dirty oil sprayed out, so you don’t need to be nervous. It is the reason that the dirt in the breaker pipeline and the hydraulic oil flow out together. After the hydraulic oil flows out, observe whether the hydraulic oil gradually becomes clear. If it is clear, close the shut-off valve, and then follow the above steps to return the opposite side. The oil shutoff valve is opened to drain dirty oil. After this operation, if the hydraulic oil is still not clear, you can start the excavator again and repeat the previous steps! Stop until the hydraulic oil in the pipeline is clear.

2. Strengthen the effect of cleaning the pipeline

    The breaker pipeline has basically become clear after the oil discharge step. The second step is to strengthen the cleaning effect of the pipeline to ensure that the pipeline is free of impurities! Take out the breaker hose, use this pipe to connect the oil inlet and return iron pipes at both ends of the forearm in series, and open the stop valves on both sides! At this time, start the excavator with the throttle still set to the mid-range position, step on the foot valve of the breaker with your foot, and release it every 1 minute. The short pause is 5 seconds, and the intermittent time of stepping on the foot valve is also 3 to 5 minutes. The shut-off valves on both sides are closed, and the impurities in the pipeline are cleaned up!

3. Final inspection

    After the above two steps, you can connect the breaker tubing to the excavator. Before the breaker starts to work, you need to check whether the nitrogen pressure on the upper cylinder of the breaker is standard. The specific pressure depends on the model of the purchased breaker. Come and see. Then put butter on the grease nipple of the lower cylinder body. Remember to hit the butter for 2-3 hours a day, and hit the grease gun 15 times each time! The above is the preparation work to be done before installing the hydraulic breaker.

二、then the hydraulic breaker will be formally installed.

1. Move the excavator to a flat place free of mud, dust and debris, turn off the engine, and release the pressure in the hydraulic pipeline and the gas in the fuel tank.

2. Rotate the shut-off valve installed at the end of the boom 90 degrees to the OFF position to prevent the hydraulic oil from flowing out.

3. Loosen the hose plug on the boom of the hydraulic breaker, and then connect the small amount of hydraulic oil that flows out into a container.

4. To prevent mud and dust from entering the oil pipeline, plug the hose with a plug and plug the pipeline with an internal thread plug. To prevent contamination by dust, tie the high-pressure and low-pressure pipes with iron wires. The hose plug here is to prevent the mud and dust on the breaker from entering the hose. The internal thread plug is to prevent the mud or dust attached to the main unit of the equipment from entering the oil pipe


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