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by:HMB     2021-01-22

all ceramic angular contact bearings made of ceramic materials completely, in many ways better than ordinary steel angular contact excavator bearings. Ceramics in an extreme environment, the high temperature and corrosive substance is ideal material. Such as low temperature, medical equipment, semiconductor, machine tools, turbine flowmeter, food processing equipment, such as robots and optical applications. Angular contact excavator bearings commonly used ceramic material is silicon nitride ( Si3N4) , zirconium oxide ( ZrO2) , alumina ( 氧化铝) Or silicon carbide ( 原文如此) 。

because the surface of the ceramic is a like a glass, its friction coefficient is very low, is ideal for applications of seeking to reduce friction. Ceramic ball requires less lubricant, hardness higher than steel ball, this will help to improve the excavator bearing life. Thermal performance is superior to the steel ball, resulting in less heat under high speed. Complete ceramic excavator bearings can have a holder or all of the ball, use the holder materials are PTFE and PEEK.

all ceramic angular contact bearings can continue to operate at high temperatures, can operate to 1800 degrees. Ceramics is much lighter than steel, a third of the many similar excavator bearings is the weight of the steel. Full ceramic bearing with high corrosion resistance, able to withstand the most common acid, they will not be corrosion in water or salt water. Finally, the full ceramic bearing has good electrical conductivity.

ceramic angular contact bearings at runtime, there is an Angle between the chute and the ball. Through excavator bearings along a straight line, axial load and radial load deflection path is adopted, tend to be separated along the axis direction. So the inside of the contact Angle and the outer ring is the same. All ceramic angular contact bearings are usually equipped with thrust load or preloading. Preload internally, to create a contact between the ball and external Angle. When excavators bearing preloading.

contact Angle is relative to the measured perpendicular to the line of the excavator bearing shaft. All ceramic angular contact bearings can bear larger thrust load and moderate radial load. The larger the contact Angle ( Usually within 10 to 45 degrees) , bearing axial load is higher, but the lower the radial load. In high speed applications, such as turbine, excavator bearings, jet engines, dental equipment, such as the centrifugal force generated by the ball is going to change the internal and external contact Angle.

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