And when excavator bucket rod moves slowly, excavator parts to action!

by:HMB     2021-01-15
Excavator construction work is the every teacher really looking forward to things. Once have small trouble will delay for half a day time limit for a project. But failure is inevitable, encountering self-help is the best way in time. Meet excavator bucket rod moves slowly to do, excavator accessories manufacturers to action. Excavator parts bucket rod structure products, installed by the bucket, cylinder block, movable arm, left and right sides, top and bottom cover plate, ear plate composed of parts such as housing structure, main function is used to govern scoop mining, loading and other actions. By using the length can be divided into: standard lever, extended fights the rod, short rod; According to the presence of reinforcing plate can be divided into standard bucket rod, strengthen the bucket rod; According to the presence of attachment can be divided into standard bucket rod, crusher bucket rod. If appear excavator do any action all have no problem, do rotary and movable arm composite action is normal also, rotary and bucket composite action also found no abnormalities. But once when doing arm and movable arm composite action will appear obvious bucket rod slow problem. Troubleshooting: 1, the first drivers single action all have no problem, then oil first rule out the problem, but also normal walking without running deviation, and so on and so forth, so two pump output flow must also normal. 2, then according to the main description of the bucket rod and the movable arm do composite action, arm speed slow down obviously, you probably confluence valve, but found no obvious wear stem after disassembly problem, clean up after back to commissioning failure phenomenon still exists. 3, according to the experience of maintenance of the master, rotary priority valve jammed in the throttled position, there is a big possibility cause failure occurs. For a single arm gesture, the valve core in the throttled position can work properly to the bucket rod oil supply, all arm movements did not see abnormalities. But if you want to move the arm and arm work at the same time, the rotary priority variable throttle valve should work in the largest open position, while the machine can work in the throttled position, so would the bucket rod moves slowly. According to the judgment, maintenance teacher remove the rotary priority variable throttle valve, clean and reinstall after commissioning when the fault has disappeared again. Matters needing attention while the bucket rod slow problem has been solved, but the teacher didn't relax vigilance, maintenance in further examination found that when the machine some black oil, oil filter is dirty. This is also a very hidden fault reason, so must be cleaning the excavator accessories filter and the replacement of the oil tank, the hydraulic oil processing. Arm here just got completely solve slow problem. Conclusion: to sum up, although the machine Lord love machine composite action arm slowly problem solved, but also really waste a lot of construction time, project not satisfied, instead of the purse to shrink. The excavator accessories manufacturer also caution to each owner, the daily maintenance of excavator don't procrastinate! Long-term accumulation of hidden trouble to when it might cause greater failure occurs, do more harm than good.

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