All kinds of excavator throttle motor fault diagnosis

by:HMB     2021-01-25
Oil wu motor fault judging komatsu excavator machine: 1: komatsu machine is easy to fail and throttle motor, and a & other komatsu machine One of the most common fault phenomenon, is the gas pedal stroke is not stable, large and small, is the most prone to travel at high speed. This fault nine times out of ten is the Angle of the throttle motor sensor damage 2: the most prone to failure is big arm and forearm often cannot raise with overhanging, this fault is basically a big arm and forearm crankshaft sensor is damaged, if bad sensors for my personal instead of the usual method is to use two resistance sensors, if no problem with the sensor may be computer plate drive pipe damage machine carter: 1: carter machine or the most easily damaged part of the throttle motor, usually has fault phenomenon throttle added up, the accelerator can't stall or add and subtract oil stroke is not correct. Up 2: the floor can be tested first throttle motor 1 heel 2 feet of 24 v voltage is normal, if it is a normal horse down the measurement of assembly inside small motor to see if normal, small motor with 24 v voltage when idle current is controlled in 120 ma, a far off is likely to be damaged, and be sure to check the gas anchor, if they were all normal will replace the throttle control template 3: throttle can't stall occurs, the test failure can add the throttle to the first 10 most high-speed operation, then suddenly close the key, if the gas motor is for the high-speed place, then measuring the gas first yellow line in the motor plug, normal voltage in closed key to zero, if close key voltage at 24 v is Ming may be a delay relay such damage, if the voltage can return to zero volts or closed don't stall that proved to be the gas pedal assembly template has been damaged, there is a kind of phenomenon is off key throttle trip would run to idle or other location on one: a change are adjust stroke or throttle pull 4: there is more easily damaged pressure switch, pressure switch problems - - - - - - - As the main cause of the problem is white to move the throttle failure - Three pressure switch when doing action will conduction Hitachi machine is measured with a multimeter: 1: EX series of machine is easy to damage the PVC board, often appear fault is slow, need to measure in D2101 pipe, PVC board measurement DR - 03 module. Measuring magnetic valve hydraulic pump chariot resistance, - - About 16 o. In measuring electromagnetic valve has a single line to ground is 24 v, if no this voltage relay, third behind the cockpit chairs 2:; Have a fault is slow weakness, through inspection is 27 v voltage regulator tube ten at the edge of the current limiting tuen resistance are damaged, replace the work less than an hour after damage again. At this time - A malfunction is the crux of the Angle sensor of the hydraulic pump has been damaged, replace to 3: EX machine to be shut down, is basically a line: : pipe damage level 4: EX machine throttle motor trip too small cannot effectively adjust, change the internal rubber accelerator assembly gear can be 5: ZX machine is easy to damage computer board, - - Performance of the fault is slow, with oil ( ] Add up, easy to damage control tube is J449 with J380D1594, etc. , and pressure sensors on the rotary motor is easily damaged, the symptoms are automatically throttle is not normal. God just machine: 1: most of the damage or throttle motor parts, judge fault method see motor trend, open the key to have a certain basic normal walking said computer board, failure may be out on the travel limit switch with line ( 24 v voltage) If it is a key to open the rafah failure positions may be in jitter motor coil circuit problem in both groups, damage or module. 2: god just appeared machine alarm reversal, and then suddenly will automatically shut down, the failure positions mostly damage of oil pressure sensor. 3: god just machine in the car unable to suppress slow, is basically a hydraulic pump pressure sensor damage ( Alarm C1C2) 4: god just machine and easily damaged by the health and display, the tianjin master leaves in accessories, reliable quality 5: chengdu, just god, it's easy to damage the pressure sensor, can change according to the alarm sensors, chengdu god often occurs just call the police, CPU CPU ROM the police need to do A adjustment, other alarm to repair the computer CPU board ( The personal computer board defective)
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