Alert! Excavator how to prevent spontaneous combustion accident

by:HMB     2021-01-27
Alert! Excavator learning how to prevent spontaneous combustion accident will be the why, the prophet is to prevent the happening of the excavator fire accident correctly, you must first understand what factors are likely to lead to excavator the cause of spontaneous combustion. Can cause excavator cause there are a lot of, the probability is also each are not identical. Look from the insurance company's statistics, excavator fire accident near the fire in the tank or more engine position, repair, electrical system and the tubing leakage, improper modification, wear electrical wiring short circuit, fire accidents caused by improper specification fuse using proportion is higher. In addition, improper maintenance, the use of pure accessories, leaves and other combustible accumulation, improper operation, the construction environment of the winter boot is ventilated factors can also lead to excavator fires. Aging of diesel oil pipe leaking diesel will spread to drip into the engine at high temperature parts such as turbocharger and muffler, oil droplets will quickly evaporate; When the volatilization of diesel oil vapor in the air reaches a certain concentration, ignition point, if the environment temperature of diesel fuel or open flame, electrostatic discharge, launch site could be a fire. Know the cause of the excavator spontaneous combustion, to avoid the accident also becomes easy. Excavator technology experts suggest that the best way is to regular inspection and maintenance of excavator, nip in the bud. First check the engine, oil and electrical system, look at the presence of leaks and aging. Clean engine system timely, ensure the engine inside and outside clean, in addition, the fire still need to strengthen the consciousness of excavator driver, the majority of the excavator driving indoor is not equipped with a fire extinguisher, cause when the fire broke out, the driver can't immediately save itself, excavator badly burned, cause huge economic losses. Excavator technology experts believe that the car should be equipped with onboard fire extinguishing equipment, such as is equipped with dry powder fire extinguishers, is the best to the local fire equipment store check once a year. Work such as smell JiaoHuWei, or find the fuselage appear when unknown smoke alarm, the dashboard should turn off the power supply and stop work immediately, and then quickly leave burning excavator, take out fire extinguishers, accurately find the fire in the first time, key to cool the fuel tank and the part of the burning fire, prevent the fire spreading. If it is excavator attachments of fire engine, a small slot to open the hood, avoid contact with a large amount of oxygen, and then on the hood to put out the fire. If discover already late, when the fire is big, should be away from the scene and promptly report to 119 as soon as possible.
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