After loader shovel, concrete machinery industry will have rise in price!

by:HMB     2021-01-16

after loader shovel, concrete machinery will also increases. In early January 2018, a trinity concrete machinery dealers informed manufacturer of concrete machinery will be full price.

including sany, komatsu construction machinery manufacturers for some products pricing by the end of 2017, heralds the construction machinery industry this year or a wave of price increases.

in December 2017, komatsu, according to the Chinese company to inform the agent since January 1, 2018 for komatsu model price increase. After 9 - October the phenomenon of collective price, have appeared in the loader liugong, hill pushed, xugong, jin industrial companies such as collective raised 10000 - loader price 20000 yuan.

sany dealer told reporters, the company in January excavator increase our price by 3%. According to day wind securities is expected, the domestic mainstream excavator manufacturer sany, liugong machinery, xugong, and position in shandong engineering machinery co. , LTD. , or will follow komatsu price, by about 10%. Large and medium-sized excavators increase will be greater than the small excavators.

concrete equipment also is going to rise

high steel prices is one of the root cause of the engineering machinery price increases. Since 2015, steel prices & other; Chinese cabbage price & throughout; Began in 2016, steel prices, since 2017 is affected by environmental restricting output and low inventory gains. 11-2017 In December the steel price increase of 1000 yuan. In addition, many emissions substandard parts production enterprises, foundry, etc under the weight of the environmental policy is shut down, some steel mills are also beginning to energy conservation and emissions reduction, causing parts raw material prices.

at the same time, the downstream market demand remains strong. After five years of China construction machinery market downturn, entered the restorative growth. Since the second half of 2016, the major models of engineering machinery has been in a state of tension between supply and demand, especially the parts link capacity serious shortage, but the manufacturer has not already did not raise prices. Soochow securities believes that this is mainly due to the industry adjustment time is too long, with recovery persistent lack of confidence and host manufacturers, so mainly through the pressure on scale effect to absorb the cost.

in addition to the rising prices of raw materials and downstream market strong demand for two reasons, state key parts of major technical equipment and products duty-free policy adjustments will be engineering machinery prices will face one of the important reasons of rose broadly, and will continue to affect the next year.

the major technical equipment import key components, raw materials and products catalogue ( Revised in 2015) ', according to documents involved of key parts imported duty-free execution time of engineering machinery products mostly by the next two years, 2017 - 2018) Ordinary tax rate of the imported products are mostly in the range of 30% ~ 40%.

'the major technical equipment import key components, raw materials and products catalogue ( Revised in 2015) 'File

& other; Domestic construction machinery industry appear & lsquo; Blowout & rsquo; The probability of price is not big, but the product upgrading, adjust product structure, more likely to adjust the price. ” A large domestic manufacturers head told reporters.

involves the cost side, environmental policy, the downstream demand and so on various reasons, the rise in price is a big trend of construction machinery products. Soochow securities pointed out that this round of price increases, structural from price increases logic, industry concentration higher concrete machine and crane tap has more price increases motivation and ability.

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