After a week after replacing the fuel injector, machine smoke is what circumstance?

by:HMB     2021-01-24
After a week after replacing the fuel injector, machine smoke is what circumstance? Engine smoke, main is incomplete combustion of fuel in the combustion chamber, the high temperature anoxic condition, not sufficient in diesel combustion of carbon element free carbon suspension in the gas formation, formation of carbon smoke. It is a small aggregate diameter, much slower than the speed of gasification fuel combustion, the combustion chamber temperature anoxic environment, can't again full burning, with the waste gas from the exhaust pipe line to go out, so the present a black smoke. Diesel smoke into the cause of cylinder of diesel not completely burn out, and at high temperatures into granular, a large number of black granular inclusions in waste gas is expelled, looks like a smoke. Diesel fuel burn in the heat of gas cylinder into low. Cylinder inlet is insufficient, those not burning diesel, for lack of air into granular at high temperatures, exhaust black smoke. ( Auto maintenance technology http://www. qcwxjs。 com/) The causes of insufficient gas cylinder into are: air filter partial blockage, valve leakage, to enter the air inside the cylinder on the exhaust stroke, part of discharge; Excessive cylinder, piston wear, moving to the crankcase gas too much; Engine overheating, reduce air density, the actual air inflow reduce; Valve clearance is wrong; In the high altitude and thin air, low air pressure under the condition of work and so on. Too much oil. Diesel engine when overload, governor injection assembly will automatically supply overload plus an extra thick oil amount, in order to overcome temporary overload. But because of too much oil and diesel combustion is not full and smoke. In general, are not allowed to diesel engine work under overload condition for a long time. In addition, such as large amount of oil caused by the disorder of oil pump, oil pump to correction. Diesel oil mixed with air is bad. Into the air in the cylinder is enough, and diesel is right amount, but the mixed uneven, also will burn. Because there is no diesel mixed with air, who tend to be surrounded by waste gas in the combustion process and can not get fresh air, caused the diesel carbonized conditions, so the exhaust will take black, diesel engine exhaust smoke at work, this is the diesel injection has not been fully all finished burning. 4 did not complete combustion of diesel fuel in the combustion chamber under the condition of high temperature of oxygen, carbon decomposition polymerization smoke, the smoke is not pure carbon carbon, but a kind of small diameter and the polymer. This kind of solid carbon smoke much more slowly than the fuel gasification reaction speed, no burning in black smoke exclusion. Diesel smoke at work, therefore, is a kind of fault. Combustion of the fuel is not completely, not only causes higher fuel consumption of diesel engine, the power is reduced, and the piston, piston ring, valve and combustion chamber to form a large number of carbon deposition, serious when stuck piston rings, valve seal leakage is lax, at the same time, it will also speed up the process of wear parts, thereby reducing the service life of the engine, therefore, the locomotive in the fault should be ruled out in a timely manner. Diesel smoke solution engine smoke would result in higher engine fuel consumption, and reduced power, at the same time can produce a lot of piston, piston ring and valve position such as carbon deposition. When carbon accumulation is overmuch, causing stuck piston rings, valve seal is lax produce the failures such as leakage, while carbon will speed up the process of wear parts, reduce the service life of the engine. Here, the author analyzes the reasons of engine smoke, and provides the corresponding solution. Air intake is insufficient reason to check air filter can jam too much dust and particles in the air cleaner element, increase the air intake resistance, leading to insufficient intake. Solution: if it is a dry type air filter, use the high pressure air blowing dust sundry; If it is wet air filter, you may need to change oil cleaning. Or directly replace the air filter. Configuration of the turbocharger engine should also check whether the working state of the supercharger good solution: check the exhaust turbine and turbo wheel blade is damaged, whether smooth flexible rotation. If the air intake system pipe blockage, will increase the air intake resistance, causes the engine smoke if the inlet temperature is exorbitant, can also cause the volume is insufficient, will cause the same engine smoke. Solution: check the air inlet pipe, eliminates the intake pipe heating phenomenon. Fuel reasons in accordance with the specifications used for fuel. If fuel brand wrong, improper viscosity, or product quality has a problem, not easy to catch fire, make the engine smoke, in the combustion chamber to produce carbon deposit. Solution: choose the appropriate regular fuel, can alleviate after cleaning oil smoke problem. Fuel delivery advance Angle is not correct fault of engine fuel supply advance Angle, ensure the fuel into the cylinder can fully burning after the best perspective in advance. If the injection advance Angle is incorrect, make the engine fuel combustion is not full, can lead to engine smoke. If the fuel delivery advance Angle is larger, the cylinders compression pressure and temperature is relatively low, engine, fuel combustion is incomplete, engine serious smoke; If small fuel delivery advance Angle, fuel before the fire, the piston downward with the decrease of the temperature and pressure in the air cylinder, ignition delay, part of the fuel is not yet fully burning is expelled cylinder. Solution: adjust the fuel delivery advance Angle to the design point of view. Exhaust back pressure is too high because if the tube carefully, too long, or muffler exhaust system is not suitable, etc. , are likely to increase the exhaust resistance, make higher exhaust back pressure, leading to engine smoke. At the same time this kind of situation will cause the volume is insufficient, which affects the air and fuel mixture ratio.
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