Add the appropriate nitrogen broken hammer

by:HMB     2021-01-29
Hammer the role of nitrogen in, you have to make a important components - — Accumulator, accumulator internal filled with nitrogen gas, using the hydraulic hammer in the previous time I hit the rest of the recoil energy stored energy and the piston, when the second blow to release energy at the same time, increase the strike capability, in short, nitrogen effect is magnified on energy. So, how much the amount of nitrogen directly determines the performance of the hammer. Nitrogen should add how much, this is a lot of drivers master issue of concern. Nitrogen added, the more the greater the pressure in the accumulator, the best working pressure accumulator according to hammer specifications, external conditions will be slightly different. Normally pressure value should be 1. 4 - 1. About 6 million mpa, Is equal to about 14 - 16 kilograms) 。 If lack of nitrogen added, the pressure in the accumulator can not meet the requirements, will cause the knapper blow. And can lead to an important element in accumulator cup damage. If the cup is damaged, need whole anatomy more troublesome, when maintenance cost is high. Therefore, when adding nitrogen must pay attention to add enough pressure value. Since nitrogen deficiency that may influence the reliability of broken hammer, nitrogen and the more the better? The answer is no. If there is excessive nitrogen added, the pressure in the accumulator is high, the hydraulic oil pressure to push oil cylinder rod uplink compressed nitrogen, accumulator will not be able to energy storage, hammer will not work. Therefore, nitrogen added more or less increase can't make the hammer to work properly, and the nitrogen pressure gauge must be used to measure pressure, make the accumulator pressure control in the normal range, and can make a little adjustment, according to the actual operating mode, and to protect components, and can achieve good efficiency.
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