About the benign development of the national asphalt mixing equipment industry in suzhou

by:HMB     2021-01-16

in recent years, due to the overall economy downward adjustment, China's traditional asphalt mixing equipment industry overcapacity, cause the imbalance between supply and marketing, vicious competition, market distortions, serious harm the interests of normal users and manufacturers, damaged the image of the whole industry. Since 2017 the market recovery, industry usher in new opportunities, to effectively safeguarding the interests of the whole industry in a new round of development and standardize the market order, further create a good business atmosphere, encourage enterprises to healthy competition. At the same time focus on promoting equipment manufacturing level, continuously improve after-sales service, to meet China's infrastructure construction continues to grow and & other; One Belt And One Road & throughout; Strategy for industry brings the enormous opportunities for development. China construction machinery industry association construction machinery branch joint unit of member of the national asphalt mixing equipment industry summit, to the asphalt mixing equipment manufacturing enterprises and the vast majority of unit using sent the following initiatives:

a asphalt mixing equipment manufacturers, China actively to carry out national development strategy, the equipment manufacturing industry practice & other; Throughout 2025 & made in China; Blueprint, increasing investment and strengthening the research and development efforts, struggling to preempt the technical commanding heights, voice control technology, make our country a asphalt mixing equipment manufacturing power and power.

2, through technological innovation, reduce the asphalt mixing equipment in the production and environmental impact in the process of using, do not use the production process of high energy consumption, high pollution and material, to reduce pollution emissions, meet the requirements of relevant national environmental standards, promote make the environmental standards of the industry, to promote the green construction of ecological civilization construction, contribute to the beautiful China.

three, promoting fair competition, safeguarding the interests of the whole industry and respect the protection of intellectual property rights. Avoid disorderly competition, avoid a zero down payment, selling below cost and long instalment period such as malignant competition, realize the rational flow of factors of orderly, rational allocation of resources, market competition, building healthy and sustainable development, a dynamic industry.

4, actively create a good cooperation and win-win situation, supply and demand a boycott, malicious default, malicious malicious demand a punishing bad behavior, such as maintenance of asphalt mixing equipment manufacturing side before and after the healthy development of the industrial chain, the market environment of common good faith construction of civilization.

five, improve the ability of products and services, service commitments, perfecting the service mechanism, the innovation service mode, improve the user experience, to provide users with high-quality, safe and reliable products and services.

initiative launched units:

China construction machinery industry association construction machinery branch

Chinese asphalt mixing equipment industry summit member enterprises ( Order of initials pinyin)

Michael engineering equipment ( Shanghai) Co. , LTD.

Beijing galleons engineering machinery co. , LTD. , fujian south road machinery co. , LTD.

fujian iron billiton machinery co. , LTD. Henan Lu Dezhu machine co. , LTD.

jilin province highway machinery co. , LTD.

langfang DE base, mechanical technology co. , LTD.

liaoyang city road construction machinery co. , LTD.

nanyang yalong road-building machinery manufacturing co. , LTD.

tai an yue first road construction machinery co. , LTD.

wuxi tin tong engineering machinery co. , LTD.

wuxi snow peach group co. , LTD.

CCCC xi 'an road construction machinery co. , LTD.

China construction machinery industry association construction machinery branch

China asphalt mixing equipment industry summit

, 11 November 2017

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