Abnormal engine oil consumption

by:HMB     2021-01-30
In the process of operating excavators, we often encounter abnormal diesel consumption increase or burn oil problem, virtually caused the increased cost of equipment operation, and appear this kind of symptom, often associated with equipment wear and failure. We take a look at how to diagnose the real reason for fuel consumption increase or burn oil. 1, piston, piston ring and cylinder liner after excessive wear, can make the oil into the combustion chamber, make the oil consumption has increased dramatically. When the first gas piston ring and cylinder wall wear gap of more than 20% of the normal value, its oil consumption will increase more than 2 times. 2, connecting rod bearing shell, the crankshaft bearing shell or oil pump wear and tear, will cause the bearing and the diameter of axle fit clearance is too large, makes the oil in the discharge of increase, pump oil pressure drop, accelerate the engine oil consumption. 3, cylinder liner, the thermal deformation exceeds a certain limit, piston, piston ring cannot fully adapt to the deformation of cylinder liner, the local will appear larger oil channel, make the oil into the combustion chamber combustion, resulting in abnormal engine oil consumption. 4, diesel engine water radiator fin dust jam, pump wear or bad work, channel scale more or jam, etc. , can lead to poor diesel engine cooling, oil consumption. 5, and blockage of the air filter, will reduce combustion chamber inlet pressure, negative pressure is too large, the oil in the combustion chamber, causing the oil consumption. 6, other reasons. Including: a piston strain, connecting rod, crankshaft, ablation; Valve guide sealing ring damage or failure; The oil leakage.
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