A number of measures to promote the strategy of big data integrated experimental zone in big data at landing to open!

by:HMB     2021-01-21

【 Excavator parts 】 Recently learned from the ministry that for further implement the national strategy of big data, the ministry this year will push measures, promote the strategy of big data further fall to the ground. Including, and promote the development of large data industry pilot demonstration project construction, improve the big data standard system, deepen the big data industry application, vigorously develop industrial big data, promote national big data effectively and data demonstration base construction, and guide the local adjust measures to local conditions to develop large data, speed up the construction of large data industry chain, value chain and the ecological system.

since 2015, introduced a number of policies and measures in our country, greatly promote the development of the large data industry and big data strategy fall to the ground. Authoritative institutions, such as National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) predicts that by 2020, the amount of data in our country will be more than 800 billion PB, accounting for 20% of the total global data, large data size of the market in China will exceed 800 billion yuan. Our country will become the world's superpower first data resources and global data center, represented by big data information economy for upgrading traditional industries, cultivating new kinetic energy, will play a more and more important role.

the authority of the ministry, the National Development and Reform Commission and other departments, according to research at present, China's big data industry ecosystem has become increasingly perfect, big data technology, trading, open sharing, industrial big data gradually extending industrial chain longitudinal development; Focus on effectively promote regional industry layout. In industry application, predicts 2020, the industrial proportion will reach 6 big data. 64%. Zhongguancun large data industry association deputy secretary-general Chen Xinhe said that big data industry development in China shows a tendency of government and enterprises linkage, in recent years the domestic cultivated a batch of big data innovation enterprise, the good momentum of development.

however, the industry is also reflected, big data industry in China is still low data openness, the technology is weak, lack of talent, industry application without further problems. Through the national industry promotion measures further, is expected to gradually solve these problems. Member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing institute of big data, dean of hubei venant said that in theory in our country there are a lot of data, but it is very difficult to do data analysis found a way to use up. Guiyang big data exchange authorities revealed that many enterprises to protect commercial secrets or save data sorting cost, etc, is not willing to trade their own data. Part of the public power, government departments are lack of data or data have been used in commercial applications, are reluctant to share.

according to big data industry data open problem, miit sadie institute software pomfret, director suggested, should improve the mechanisms for coordinating development of big data, to speed up the open government data sharing, steadily promote the open public data resources. At the same time, the overall planning big data infrastructure construction, promote to develop the institutional public information resources protection and open files, and strengthen the top design, large data standardization standard system to consummate gradually.

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