A new message! The new production of road mobile machinery four emission standard implemented in 2020 countries

by:HMB     2021-01-21

on August 19, the ecological environment in 2018 no. 34 files released 'the road mobile machinery pollution control technology policy' ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'technology policy') The public announcement. The technology policy for new production of road mobile machinery 5 - in the future 10 years of pollutant emission level control target are put forward, according to the different types of machinery, respectively is embodied in three aspects:

ecological environment ministry official website announcements no. 34 file

with a compression ignition engine ( Such as diesel engine) Non powered road mobile machinery, control goals in 2020, the fourth stage is to meet the emission control level, integrating with the world advanced emission control level in 2025.

2 it is to small spark ignition engines ( Small machine, small gasoline engine and fuel gas engine) For the road mobile machinery, control target requirements before and after the third stage is to meet the 2020 emission control level, integrating with the world advanced emission control level in 2025.

three is large for spark ignition engine ( Gasoline engine and fuel gas engine) Non powered road mobile machinery, control goals in 2025 with the world's advanced level of emission control.

according to the announcement, the content of the construction machinery industry in 2020 to implement the four standards is a foregone conclusion! In the past, when implementing the four emissions standards on construction machinery industry, are often unable to agree, opinions vary. Though association has made clear that most people think is implemented in 2020 countries four emissions standards, but, after all, there is no red tape, but also no authoritative department, there still exists certain variables (this is so After all the time about the implementation of the four emissions standards before has repeatedly change) 。 Now notice issued by the ecological environment to equivalent to engineering machinery industry had a reassured.

in addition to the four basic settles on the implementation of emission standard time, and a detail to cause the attention of the industry. That's announcement in 2025 road mobile machinery and the world's advanced level of emission control standards. The tight of time, the standard high, attitude of firmly a shock. This aspect shows the current our country faces the serious pollution of the environment conditions of the; On the other hand also shows that the national regulation attitude firmly, environmental pollution in the country, under the coercion of any violation of environmental policies, delusion of muddling through side-door enterprise, will face only one conclusion: that is disappear or be eliminated!

it is well known that construction machinery industry has been the pollution of the environment, the road to move machinery in the ownership is only 1/6 of the case, hinder the emission of nitrogen oxides in 573. 50000 tons, particulate 48. 574 50000 tons, and motor vehicle emissions of nitrogen oxides. 30000 tons, particulate 50. 90000 tons of almost pretty!

in recent years, under the joint efforts of the nation, although our country environment air quality has a certain improvement, but also has the very big disparity from its target. Engineering machinery industry should actively take action, according to the requirements of the acquisition of general secretary, resolutely play pollution control to be completed and the blue sky, in order to promote the sustainable development of construction machinery industry to contribute.

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