A new generation of hydraulic excavator carter on the Chinese market!

by:HMB     2021-01-16

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at the beginning of 2018, a new generation of hydraulic excavator carter officially land China market, started full launch, opened the Chinese construction machinery industry into the intelligent construction of a new chapter.

a new generation of Cat ^ R hydraulic excavator comprehensive land China market

based on customer demand for production efficiency and cost control, a new generation of Cat® Excavator fusion of a number of scientific and technological innovation in the design, the overall appearance, intelligent technology application, bridge design disruptive ideas, compared with the previous generation models, realizes the higher efficiency, lower fuel consumption and maintenance cost, and bring more comfortable and personalized experience.

three new models to meet different customer requirements

20 t of a new generation of Cat® Excavator with three new models & ndash; — GC, 320, 323, 320 different configurations to meet different customer needs:

a new generation of Cat® 320 GC specially tailored for a light load condition in application, more reliable and durable, more fuel-efficient, hourly cost is lower; A new generation Cat®

323 excavator

a new generation of Cat® 320 standard intelligence function of science and technology, to be able to do secondary load to heavy duty working condition of a variety of applications. Help customers to pursue the lowest cost of the construction site.

a new generation of Cat® 323 excavator

a new generation of Cat® 323, has excellent speed, efficiency, strong power and hoisting capacity, apply to the harsh conditions, help customers to maximize yield and income.

with the wisdom, improve construction efficiency could reach 45%

a new generation of Cat® Cat in 320 and 323 the standard factory integrated intelligent function of science and technology, is a new generation of Cat® The highlight of the excavator. Including 2 d slope control system, intelligence system, and the addition of auxiliary operating system, intelligent weighing system, and the electronic fence function. Combined with the application of these intelligent function of science and technology, can be achieved for the customer the construction efficiency can reach 45%.

more than efficiency, intelligent technology can help the operator to operate more convenient, safe and easily. By 2 d slope control system, the operator can know bucket location from cockpit display in real time, in accordance with the prompted operation, can be quickly and accurately achieve grade homework, help guide the leveling work, including: depth, slope, horizontal distance and other indicators of construction. And auxiliary operation function further make excavators have the ability of half automation, handlers complete the past need two handle with a handle.

new electronic fence boundary function can be automatically restricted the safety of the machine work, through electronic roof, floor, front wall and sidewall Settings further enhance the safety of the construction site, especially near the structure or a traffic road, prevent excavator touch barriers; Intelligent weighing rotation can be weighed and help achieve precise loading, loading efficiency, prevent overload or underload.

oil-saving can amount to 20%, the province of youdao

a new generation of Cat® Excavator fusion advanced design, makes the low precision of engine speed and large capacity hydraulic pump combination, in keeping the leading production efficiency under the premise of greatly reduced fuel consumption.

on the basis of the original economy, the dynamic model, a new generation of Cat® Excavator intelligence mode has been added, can automatically match engine and hydraulic system of the power, fuel consumption and performance optimization; New type of hydraulic system with larger capacity electric main pump, productivity can be ensured, and can decrease the engine speed; The new cooling system equipped with multiple electronic fan, every fan according to their respective independent oil temperature control, accurate to provide the required airflow.

can be up to 15% lower maintenance cost, save time and effort

fully consider the customer when using the cost control, a new generation of Cat® Excavator extended maintenance cycle and integrate the line maintenance interval, at the same time, a new hydraulic system without the guide line, the hydraulic oil consumption reduce to 10%, reduce the operating costs for a long time. And new models all daily maintenance can be done on the ground, more quick, convenient and safe.

luxury brand new bridge, the first class enjoy

a new generation of Cat® Excavator cab in a number of new design, more focus on the operator's safety, comfort and operation experience of individuality, effectively reduce operator fatigue and make hard excavator operation into a pleasant job experience, so as to further enhance the efficiency.

a new generation of Cat® Mute anti rolling for excavator cab ( 罗普) And the new type of shock absorption seats for operator to create comfortable, safe and quiet working environment; The standard view camera and driving more capacious space, after a broader view; Eight inches color touch screen combination dial choice, interactive interface, operator can more easily get or find information; In addition, keyless start, operating handle button function and bluetooth & reg; The radio's new configuration, bring un-experienced operator more personalized experience.

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