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The Complete Guide to Excavator ripper

The Complete Guide to Excavator ripper


   The ripper with strong excavation and cutting force, and the replaceable working device with the functions of excavation, crushing and loosening. 

Why is it designed to be curved?

   Rippers are usually designed in an arc shape, mainly because the arc is not easy to deform under the action of external force and has good stability. Depending on the arm length of various models, the radius of this arc is also different. Because the tooth tip and the main board are arc-shaped, it is easier for the bucket teeth to be guided into the main board into the ground for destruction.


1.There are many types of rippers. Single-tooth bucket hooks are the most common in applications. They are powerful, durable, and efficient. They are often used to loosen rocks.


2.The strength of the double tooth bucket hook is second only to that of a single tooth, but its working range is greater than that of a single tooth. It is often used to loosen gravel or hard soil.


3.Multi-tooth bucket hooks, also called rake buckets, have a large working range and high efficiency, but also large resistance and low cutting force. They are often used to loosen soft soil or sand.


Notable features:


1. The excavator ripper is generally a single tooth, but also has two or three teeth. It has a strong excavation and cutting ability and can be easily constructed on the site that needs to be loosened.


2. The front end of the excavator ripper is made of high wear-resistant material to make a circular protective plate separation device, which can easily separate the soil and stone and reduce the cutting resistance. It can be easily disassembled and replaced, and it also effectively protects the main body of the ripper and prolongs the life of the main body


Under what circumstances is it suitable to use a ripper?


The ripper is also called a hook in some places, which makes up for the working conditions that the breaking hammer is not efficient and the bucket cannot solve it.Applicable working conditions include: excavation of asphalt pavement, hard soil, sub-hard rock, weathered stone, frozen soil, and can also be used to excavate cracked rocks.


The following teaches you how to choose a good ripper:



The material determines the service life. The wear-resistant manganese steel plate added with alloy elements has a low failure rate in the later use process and a long life. The ripper made by HMB is made of high-quality high-manganese low-carbon alloy steel Q345B, which has high hardness, high strength and wear resistance. Longer service life.


2.Start with the thickness of the steel plate

The same ripper, but the thickness of the steel plate used by each manufacturer is different. The thickness determines the weight, and the weight determines the quality.


3.Start the welding process

Yantai Jiwei has 12 years of production experience. After years of experience accumulation, the welding process has been very mature. Welding flaw detection, shot blasting, and quality inspection are very strict. In the later use, the welding defect-free guarantees a very low failure rate. High strength, shot blasting and sandblasting ensure that the ripper is not easy to rust and oxidize during long-term storage!


4.Design craftsmanship

The curvature of the hook is just in line with the stress point of the construction, and the dispersion of the moment makes the strength of the ripper stronger.

How to inspect the material?


  The teeth of a good ripper should be rock-shaped, and the tip of the tooth is relatively sharper than that of the earth-moving bucket. The advantage of the rock-shaped tooth is that it is not easy to wear.

Finally, confirm the installation dimensions when ordering, that is, the diameter of the pin, the center distance between the forearm head and the earmuffs. The installation dimensions of the ripper are the same as the bucket.

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