A caterpillar excavator inter-cooled and radiator radiator is the same kind of products? CTP carter accessories

by:HMB     2021-01-24
Knowing the difference in the device and the radiator: first, different nature, is actually a turbocharged inter-cooled machine fittings, its role is to reduce the pressure of high temperature air temperature, to reduce the heat load of the engine, increase the volume, which further increases the engine power. For turbo engine, cold machine is an important component of the pressurization system. The radiator is hot water, Or steam) The composition of heating system in the important and basic parts. Second, the classification of different CTP caterpillar accessories: cold, generally made of aluminum alloy materials. According to the cooling medium is different, common cold machine can be divided into air-cooled and water-cooled 2 kinds. According to heat transfer methods are divided into radiation radiator radiator and convection radiator. Convection radiator of the convection heat almost 100%, sometimes referred to as & other; Convection & throughout; ; Other relative to convection radiator radiator by convection and radiation cooling at the same time, sometimes referred to as & other; Radiator & throughout; 。 According to the material can be divided into cast iron radiator, steel radiator radiator and other material. Other materials aluminum composite radiator including aluminum, copper, steel, copper aluminum composite, stainless steel materials such as aluminum composite and enamel of the radiator. CTP caterpillar parts
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