53 cannon machine small hammer

by:HMB     2021-01-27
Small hammer in towns and villages cement road, or open house, played a crucial role in today we see 53 cannon machine together. Now like komatsu PC30 CAT303, such as the drivers of the tonnage is the commonly used 53 machine, as to how to install, is pretty much the same, before this we have introduced the corresponding content, detailed see: excavator broken hammer installation process. Splint for broken hammer, hammer of fixed, main effect is to prevent the broken hammer occurs resonance occur between the parts during strenuous exercise. When broken hammer with strong movement, once a loose parts, may cause resonance problem of other accessories, it is easy to cause broken hammer damage. Splint to hammer and hammer the fittings fixed effect, so all the accessories to stable work, between would be to prevent the occurrence of resonance phenomenon.
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