5 g power engineering machinery industry to take off!

by:HMB     2021-01-16

6, 6, the ministry officially to China telecom, China mobile, China unicom, China radio, film and television issuing 5 g licences for commercial use. China officially entered 5 g of the first year of business.

5 g is era of Internet, also contains the trillions of blue ocean market, opportunities and challenges, but 5 g commercial licence issue is more firm our determination to knock on the door.

each big enterprise has for each link strategic layout


5 g communication low latency, wide connection properties makes industrial data acquisition terminal deployment way to get rid of traditional cable, relying on the highly reliable 5 g network for data transmission and control, reduce the enterprise cost, improved the production efficiency.

construction link


komatsu development & other; 5G” Communication technology, which can realize remote control engineering construction in the future. Site in the future, drivers in remote console can be watched 5 g mobile real-time by construction, which can realize remote control engineering construction, an unmanned, intelligent construction group. Make the work more flexible.


Sweden Volvo has launched the first industrial 5 g network, will be used in remote control wheel loader test. 5 g technology can maximum reduce the construction risk and unplanned downtime event, and have engineering machinery from zero emissions, zero accident and zero accident is one step closer to the goal of downtime.

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the topology optimization of LTE ( General the long-term evolution of mobile communication technology) And 5 g wireless connection, compared with other wireless connection, LTE and 5 g connection not only cover a wider range, higher reliability, security, stronger, and are suitable for open-pit and underground mining. Improve the work efficiency and output, to reduce the accident rate.


doosan launched 5 g remote control technology, will be able to achieve the user long-distance real-time manipulation of the excavator, mining in mining progress and production to scientific computing, 24 hours real-time monitoring of the construction conditions and environmental conditions to ensure safety, reasonable allocate machinery, improve production efficiency.

maintenance service link

which makes

will build makes remote control excavator, hope with the help of a remote control construction of remote diagnosis system based on audio communication, realizes the equipment of the remote diagnosis and tutorial. And enhance the level of service staff skills, improve the efficiency of troubleshooting, relieve unequal service resource allocation problems. The project relies on the 5 g network technology, 5 g powerful bandwidth and delay guarantee the transmission quality of video signals and control signals and speed.

logistics links


three early in the morning in the 2 g began to explore equipment tracking and collected equipment running status, has established a global collaboration of industry to the Internet. In addition, it is to explore 5 g technology and depth in the field of industrial integration, including 5 g, edge computing, artificial intelligence technology in the industry to the Internet, networking and informatization and digitization transformation; AR 5 g, 5 g real-time industrial control, 5 g cloud AGV, 5 g remote control and unmanned, high precision positioning of 5 g and 5 g park there is no security implementation model.

5 g really is to improve the production efficiency of industry, and the people, machinery and equipment, industrial products and industrial service connectivity, by machine learning to realize intelligent control, to improve the quality of products. In the field of engineering machinery, some companies have strategic layout, more enterprises will join in, 5 g will shape a new formats.

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