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by:HMB     2021-01-18

total felling speed, drivers work sometimes can drop speed flameout, seriously affect the work efficiency, but how to solve? First of all we need to know how much is the normal speed drivers, then look at drivers after the real speed, to find out speed, excavator parts today take you step by step to understand these questions.

god steel each models do each activity of normal speed range

the water through the display panel of engine water thermometer, pointer within the scope of the white represent temperature is about 65 - 105℃。

engine speed through service diagnosis is confirmed:

1, hold the buzzer to stop switch at the same time, open the start switch ON diagnosis into service.

2, then hold down the excavator parts buzzer at the same time, according to the three selection switch ( The second row of the first button) , select adjustment mode 1 down, according to the selector switch to confirm.

3, each time you press the display screen and switch on the front panel & other; Wiper & throughout; Switch ( Del) , display project will hold NO. 2、NO. 3. . . … The progressive. Each time you press the sprinkler switch ( Delta) , time will be in accordance with the NO. 45、NO44… … The order of the return, through adjust up and down, switch to the & other; Display speed & throughout; , according to the selected switch to confirm access to the options, select ON press select switch to confirm. If you don't close the start switch, the display won't go away.

excavator parts by measuring the engine speed, confirm if abnormal, in general, fall 150 turn to normal within, mild drop speed within 200 RPM, 300 turn above is a serious fall speed.

the cause of the drop speed:

1, the circuit fault: excavator accessories hydraulic pump electromagnetic valve damage can lead to a drop in speed. If appear E012, E013 and E022, E023 alarm, respectively is P1 pump high pressure solenoid valve on the hydraulic pump and P2 pump high pressure solenoid valve has a problem, check whether the electromagnetic valve plug is loose or damaged.

2, oil, diesel oil metamorphism, using inferior diesel oil and diesel filter are easy to be blocked, the pressure is low, moreover the excavator parts nozzle and diesel pump will therefore wear, resulting in abnormal injection quantity.

3, air intake system problems: check whether the air filter is open, the turbocharger inlet is normal.

4, a performance: excavator attachments check the engine and hydraulic pump. First to see whether the hydraulic oil filter blockage, or similar to the impurities such as copper powder, if you have, that hydraulic pump has a problem, need singly with bile flow plate, plunger, pump for wear. In addition engine high temperature will lead to suppress car speed, causing the deterioration of engine power output.

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